English to French Video Game Localization

for game devs, studios and publishers
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This is what you are looking for, from game and store description localization to press kits, websites, newletters, announcements and much more.



Your texts are already localized in French? Wether it has been done by your fan players or a translator, I check your texts to make sure the quality matches your expectations.


Linguistic testing

I help you avoid costly mistakes by spotting any translation issues in-game before shipping (text overflow, truncated text, missing translations, wrong language, typos, mistranslations, etc.).


Remote Localization Project Manager

Do you need help with your game’s localization? Looking for someone to oversee the whole localization process into one or more languages? Look no futher!


Don’t hesitate to contact me for localization needs that may not be listed here, I’ll be happy to help! Every project has unique needs.


If you talk to players in a language they understand, it goes to their head.

If you talk to players in their language, it goes to their heart.

Hi, I'm Aurélie!


I help game devsstudios and publishers looking to make their game accessible to a new market without comprimising the quality of their work.

I regularly work with AAA studios and publishers, but also with indie studios, which grants me with knowledge about localization process and tips & tricks to ensure everything goes according to plan.

From consulting to project management and in-game localization, I can advise you whatever stage you are at in your project.


In 2018, I had the opportunity to work with Aurelie Perrin and Indie Localization on two separate projects with our game, Avatar Musik, and appreciated the professional work both times.
Besides offering competitive rates and meeting promised deadlines, I appreciated the use of an editor in the translation process and their online file sharing system. These features helped ensure a quality translation by linking the translator, editor and project managers to a list of highlighted terms that needed clarification.
I highly recommend Aurelie Perrin’s services, and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Scott Brewer

Marketing Director, Teamobi

The communication and the impression of how the translation would be handled felt very serious and competent which felt like you would do a good job and that I could trust you. Also the communication throughout the translation process was all very swift and direct and added to above traits.
Since we were very pressed for time I really appreciate the turn around time for the translation, as soon as I gave you the material to translate it just took a few days to for you to get it started and then a couple of more days to finish it.
Perhaps the most obvious, but very important for smaller independent companies like us was the pricing. Very affordable and made it easier to quickly jump on board without looking around for too many other options.

Henrik Flink

Creative Director / Designer / Programmer, Visiontrick Media

Past Missions

Epic MMO? Revolutionary MOBA? Frantic Battle Royale? Furious hack’n’Slash?

On PC, console or mobile?

Create your own world, I’ll make sure your ideas won’t get lost in translation.