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trivial app localization

Quiz App


Localization of questions and answers for a quiz app. The main challenge was to adapt or make understandable some questions, relying heavily on American culture, to a French user in the character limited space. Questions had to be short, to the point and easy to understand. Here is a point developers should take notice of: leave enough space in your interface as many languages such as French or German take up to 30% more space than English. Translators have a way with words, but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there is not enough space. Language combination: English to French Volume: over 8,000 words in total

RPG, rogue-like


Little game with a lot of creativity required to translate items and monsters. Language combination: English to French Volume: over 219 words
app game localization
app game localization

RPG, Sims-like


Localization into French of furniture and clothing items that can be bought in-game. It is always great to have pictures and visuals when translating such small elements that can have more than one meaning in French. Context is essential in app localization as the text is shortened to the maximum. Language combination: English to French Volume: over 374 words

App description – for kids


App description localization for Play Store. The tone of the text needed to be suitable for the target audience: parents of small children. Information needed to be clear and concise to let parents know straight away if this app would be suitable for their child and if it was the kind of app they were looking for. Tip for devs: it could be great for the translator to be able to try the app prior to writing the description. Knowledge of the product is helpful to localize the description and make the final text resonate more with the end user. Language combination: English to French Volume: over 21,000 words in total

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