It’s been a little while since the last blog post. But I haven’t deserted the place!

In fact, I have been quite busy. Summer time is a great period for some translators:

  • all our colleagues are on holiday, so we get more work
  • we can enjoy holidays a bit later and find good deals!
  • if you work in a co-working office, it is quieter, or not. My co-workers organized Nerf gun battles… Boys…

Internet Crisis

This summer, I also moved flat and had to pack stuff between orders.

A cat in a box

My CAT-tool assistant

As usual, I had to organize mail redirection, get new contracts for electricity, water and Internet access. I am quite used to it now, as it about the fifth or sixth time over the last six years.

But that didn’t prevent the Internet crisis, aka no Internet access at home. AT. ALL. Imagine, no Netflix, no video games.

I was so glad to have an office in a co-working space so it didn’t affect my work. We had to wait four weeks to get the Internet at home. That was the occasion to rediscover our meager DVD collection.

Benefits of IRL* Gaming

Pokemon GO happened too… Couldn’t resist 😉 But the experience was, and still is great. I created a Facebook group for my town that counts about 300 members and more.

We organized a BBQ that gathered about 50 Pokemon trainers (age ranged from 16 to 35+). It was followed by a 3-hour hunting session through town. All that without any incident! I even met people from the gaming industry, and we are looking forward to organize more game-related events.

*IRL = In Real Life

New Perspectives

Early this summer, all those Facebook groups I joined proved useful. I got the opportunity to join a team of fellow translators specialized in localization: the Indie Localizers team.

We are not an agency, but we can take on projects that need localization into many other languages at once. For you as a customer, it means that you have a whole team of freelance translators gathered in one place. No need to look for individual translators for each language, or to pay expensive agency fees.

Plus, we have SEO experts, developers and testers for each language. Meaning we can help you with the whole localization process, from beginning to end. Cool isn’t?

As a freelancer living in my native country, it is now easier to reach out to local companies in my region. I can help them with their localization projects from French into other languages.

To know more about the team, visit us at See you there.

Website Update(s)

I also added a portfolio section to my website. Most of the time, I have a NDA constraint so I cannot brag on show the cool games or apps that I have been working on. Instead, I decided to just present some genres, like RPG or MMORPG (which are my favorite by the way). 

I now must work on the French version of my website, which does not target the same clients and needs a tailored copy. The English version targets English-speaking companies, studios and devs.

The French version will be targeting local companies. They would need a version of their website in other languages for examples, but also Indie devs. It’s not exactly the same market, so it has to be tailored.

Two languages, two targets, two messages. That’s localization!

New Content Coming

Soon, I will launch something new on the blog. It is a little experiment I wanted to try for a while. I am working on video series about localization, best practices and interesting data. I hope you will find it useful.

Stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter.

What will I be up to

Things will get exciting until the end of the year


Live show

I will participate in a live show in October. It’s a bit scary and exciting at the same time. And quite a weird exercise for translators! Contrary to interpreters, we, translators, spend our days dealing with written words, not spoken ones. I’m already freaking out!

I’ll disclose more information on that later. A clue: it’s in about 3 weeks.


Paris Games Week

For the 2nd year in a row, I’ll be attending the Paris Games Week. I’ll be going as a video game fan but also to attend the Game Connection with all the video game pros! That’s why I love working in this field, we will all be geeking around and say, “Yeah, but it’s for work, you know.” 😉

I hope to meet potential new clients, some of my clients (great opportunity to associate faces and names) and some colleagues too.

I will write a review of the event. If you would like to know more about it, stay tune and follow me on social networks, I have some surprises.


Direct Presentation to Potential Customers

You should spend some time in a co-working office if you are a freelancer. It leads to more opportunities and makes you feel less lonely. You can get in touch with the people you share the office with or with their customers.

In November, my co-workers and I will be presenting our services to companies from our region. That’s a good way to get noticed. Potential clients will be most receptive rather than with cold contact.


Direct Presentation to Future Translators

In November too, I’ll be talking to MA students about being a translator with a multimedia specialization. I’ll cover all those things they don’t learn at Uni, but will have to learn if they want to succeed as freelancers. Things like setting up a business, marketing, CPD and other day-to-day chores beside translation work.

Sounds like quite a program, doesn’t it? Who said a translator’s life was boring?

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