Since last month, I have been quite busy with exciting and unexpected opportunities to promote my business and talk about my career, both online and offline. Let’s focus a bit on my very first experience on a live talk show, as a speaker and not merely an attendee! In this episode, I was invited to talk about mentoring.

Translators On Air

On October 19th, I joined Dmitry and Elena for the 3rd episode of Translators On Air (former Blabbing Translators), a weekly show about the translation industry, by translators from around the world. If you are yourself a translator, I strongly advise you to watch the show or catch up either on YouTube or Soundcloud, I’m sure you may enjoy all the tips shared by colleagues. If you are not from the translation industry, you can still enjoy the show to find out more about us, translators and our side of the mirror in the multilingual communication world.

When I received the offer from Elena last August, it was totally unexpected. I truly enjoyed watching Blabbing Translators at the end of my Wednesdays, with a nice cup of tea to relax after work, but never thought to be one of the speakers.

I racked my brains a bit to come up with something I hoped to be useful for the translator community. I’m quite new in the industry so I was freaking out about what I could possibly share regarding my little experience.


I looked at the former episodes and then thought about my first years as a translator, when I was starting out. After some brainstorming, I decided to share an experience that really helped me make a big step, more than all the blog posts I read until then, and that I wish I tried sooner: mentoring.

Mentoring is like an old way of learning a job: you would start as a master’s apprentice and learn about the job with the guidance of your mentor. It can also be compared to coaching, where one person follows up regularly with your progress and with the objective to help you be the best version of yourself, or succeed with our small translation business.

Below is the video to learn more about my experience. I hope you would find it useful and maybe it will inspire you too to look for a mentor. Or to be a mentor for other people. By the way, I plan to offer this kind of service myself starting the first quarter of 2017. If it is something that you are interested in, you can contact me now to discuss about it.

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