Smash Hit Plunder

French translator with the Indie Localizers Team

Smash Hit Plunder

A nice game using PlayStation VR, with different characters having their own personalities to take into account (how they speak to each other, to the player) and many, many puns to adapt.

Being a VR game, avoiding design and text overflow issues was quite tricky as French can take up to 30% more space than English. It was important to stay within an acceptable limit so the texts remain readable.

The devs at Triangular Pixels provided us with a lot of working documents and videos to help us get in the mood and understand the characters and the game mechanics, which are valuable supports when working on localization. The more context you can provide, the easier it is to localize. And there will be less translation issues as translators don’t have to do their best to guess the context.

Title: Smash Hit Plunder

Development: Triangular Pixels

Localization: The Indie Localizers Team

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