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Effective, hassle-free game localization service
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Localization Starter is a package designed to provide you with an MVP (minimum viable product) for your game localization.

Have you ever had nightmares about localizing your game?

Spent hours looking for the right translators to do the job?

Or trying to cheer up your fan volunteers to finish the translation? Only to find out that most of them dropped out and the others didn’t have time to do it?

How many times did you burn the midnight oil to fix your code because there were issues with the display of localized text in various languages?

Maybe you will recognize yourself in one of those sentences:

“I don’t know where to look for good translators. I don’t know any.”

“Translation agencies are too expensive for indies! It’s just a small game.”

“I prefer fan made translations. It’s not fast or perfect, but it doesn’t take all my budget.”

“Can’t I just leave it in English? Localization is too complicated.”

“I don’t have time for localization right now. I’m not even sure it will work in other languages.”

What if I told you that… 

it doesn’t have to be complicated, or too expensive, or too slow?

What if you could have a professional localization service that covers just what you need? And that it will pay for itself?

The solution is the Localization Starter pack!

What is the Localization Starter pack?

It’s an MVP offer (Minimum Viable Product), “a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future development.” (source: Wikipedia).

If you never localized a game before, or best, if you are wondering whether French players might be interested in your game, but you have a limited budget, the Localization Starter pack is for you.

A service calibrated for indie devs for efficient game localization.

The most essential elements are localized so you can try a new market and see if there’s a demand, without spending all your budget.

All you need to do is

– Make sure your code is ready for localization and extract the translatable strings in a separate file

– Provide all information you can to help me (the translator) understand your game (screenshots, demo, videos, backstory files, etc.)

– Make yourself available to answer questions or provide additional information (communication via email, Skype or Slack)

That’s it!

I take care of the translation of the different elements (content, UI, screenshots, etc.) and the keyword optimization.

With the Localization Starter, you get

  • a localized version of your game to be implemented and tested
  • a localized and optimized store description to increase your visibility and attract more players on online stores such as Steam, App Store, Google Play, etc.
  • a glossary of the main terms (usually equipment, items, etc.) to be reused to keep translations consistent
  • a translation memory to be reused on future updates


but also

  • a couple of translated texts to share the good news on social networks (hashtags included)
  • a guide of the basic mistakes to avoid in order to save time and money on localization

Need more?

Linguistic Testing for 49€/hour

FAQ translation from 0.18€/word (includes translation + proofreading)

Video subtitles (help improve SEO on YouTube) from 15€/min of video

The Localization Starter offers you the essential localization service to launch your game on new markets.

Managing localization takes time, from finding the right translators to handling all the steps during the process and make sure nothing is broken. All the while you are still working on your game, promoting it to develop a strong base of loyal fans.

Don’t you prefer focusing on that rather than struggling to get the localized version ready on time?

With the Localization Starter, you can get a complete, professional localization service in French for under 200€ for 1000 words in total (game + description).

My name is Aurélie, I’m a freelance translator from Chalon-sur-Saône, France.

I am specialized in video game localization, working on AAA titles and indie games alike.

My experience with some big names out there gave me great insights on what works and what doesn’t in localization workflows.

With that experience, I can tailor services to help indie devs and small studios focus on their games and the promotion rather than worry about localization quality.

Indie games often have less text than some bigger games, they can leverage localization and still keep it within their budget limit.

The Localization Starter pack is the service you need if you are an indie dev or a small studio.

You save time on the initial search for translators and assessing their quality, so you can focus on your game and its promotion.

You may not have the budget for a full localized marketing promotion or to work with an agency, and that’s normal.

But you know that to stand out from the competition, to get noticed by players is hard now, more than ever.

You have to go the extra mile and invest in localization. Players expect to access and enjoy games in their own language.

If you don’t provide that, they will turn to a competitor that does.

The Localization Starter pack is what you need.

How does it work exactly?

  1. You send me a message via the form on the website or head over to the chat by clicking on the bubble speech icon (bottom right of your screen)
  2. We discuss your project in detail (total volume of words, keywords), then I send you a quote
  3. You proceed to the first part of the payment and receive a guide to build the loc kit
  4. Then, you send me the loc kit and the translation begins
  5. Within the time frame agreed upon, I may contact you with questions via the method of your choice: email, Skype or Slack
  6. Once the localization and proofreading steps are done, I send you the translated files back for implementation
  7. Make a careful test to report any text overflow, design issues, etc. that can be solved by reworking the French text.
  8. It’s done and ready to go live!

It’s for you if:

  • you’re an indie dev or small studio
  • you don’t want to spend hours looking and testing translators
  • you have a limited budget and/or want to test the French market

It’s not for you if:

  • you only want to localize the store description or only some elements of your game
  • you expect fast, cheap localization done in exchange for some exposure
  • you need more than just localize your store description and game, but rather also a website, newsletters, articles or more. For that, send me an email or head over to the chat so we can discuss about it.

Bonus Gift

You get a guide to build localization kits for this project and your future projects that will help you save money and time on the localization process.

You get texts for your favorite social networks localized too, in order to share the news on social media!

Don’t wait!

Invest in your game, share the news and attract more players! 

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