Game Localization

Expand your game visibility and reach out to a greater number of gamers
There is a localization solution that fits your needs

French translation by a gamer and a translator, in that order.

Game localization is a major step for devs who successfully launch their game and are now aiming higher, at a larger number of players.

It can also be a daunting step. You need to look for translators, spend hours looking for a unicorn that would be fast, of quality and within your budget limits. (hint: that does not exists)

Let’s not mention the extra hours of work, looming above your head like the Sword of Damocles, that you may endure because some localization issues revealed weaknesses in your code.

Many devs make the mistake to deal with it at the last minute because it requires too much of their time.

Benefits of localization

  • better visibility on foreign markets
  • increased number of downloads and sales
  • bigger player community
  • increased ROI
  • it can pay for itself and for future localization needs

What can you expect from my game localization services

Subject knowledge: when you need heart surgery, you consult a heart surgeon. That’s the most logical thing to do. It’s the same for game localization, you should work with a videogame specialized translator.

Reliability: chances are this game is important to you, so you need to trust your translators. You don’t want to waste your energy trying to motivate people to finish the translation in time.

Quality: you have probably seen the Bad Localization Wall of Shame and you certainly don’t want your game to be pinned up there. Working with a professional translator can help you avoid costly localization mistakes.


You can expect a perfect game translation that feels natural, that is culturally adequate and speaks to players.

It will also be compliant with the platform – specific terminology, character limit restrictions and game genre.

Players will be able to enjoy the best experience possible, as if it was written in French.


What localization services I can offer you

It includes, without being limited to:

  • In-game content localization
  • UI
  • screenshots
  • localization for console games
  • localization for PC games
  • localization for mobile games
  • MMORPG games
  • MOBA games
  • RPG games
  • Casual games
  • Indie games
  • User manual localization
  • How to play guides
  • and much more!

What if you could have just the services you need to localize your game in French?

Do you need more than game localization?

You can check the following services and see which one suits your needs.
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