Localizing your game

from English to French

Are you wondering how to best handle game localization?

Are you worried it will be complicated? Or that the quality won’t be as great as expected?

You are unsure about the possible amount of work and time it will require, and how you will make that fit into your schedule?

Why localize?

Localization is a big step to take and shine beyond your local market, in front of a larger audience.

By taking it as seriously as you did the whole project, you will ensure your game is all set to attract new players.

With the right translator(s) to help you, you will save time, you will be assured that quality is great and that problems will be spotted before they become real problems.

Players will be able to enjoy a translation that lets them immerse into your game for a greater experience.

Your game will also gain visibility, thanks to the localized description that helps convince more players to download it.

More players = more downloads = more revenues

You would want to tap into a bigger pool of gamers rather than rely on those who may have a sufficient (or not) comprehension of your language. Word of mouth, influencers and the press will help spread the word.

If localization was pointless, why would the big names out there bother invest it, right?

How can I help you?

As a translator specialized in videogames, I can help you achieve just that.

I help indie game devs, small studios and game publishers to localize and promote their projects and make them accessible for the French gaming community.

So, if you:

🎮 are looking for a translator to localize your indie game into French;

🎮 want to promote your projects to the French players;

🎮 need the help of a localization project manager to save yourself some time;

🔥 You can hire me to do all those things!

About me

I have been a gamer for 17+ years (and counting) and I am a videogame specialized translator, from English to French.

The main projects I work on are MMORPGs, RPGs, MOBAs, but also action/adventure games, platform games, puzzle games, VR games and motorsport games (mostly F1).

I am also:

  • SFT member and local representative
  • IGDA member
  • Women in Games France member
  • Videogame event co-organizer at local association Good Game Events (Chalon-sur-Saône, France)
  • Pro speaker in Video Game Localization courses at University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (Dijon, France)
  • Co-organizer of the International Translation Day event on September 28, 2018 (Chalon-sur-Saône, France)

Ready to conquer the French market with your game?

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