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from English to French

Are you wondering how to best handle game localization?

Are you worried it will be complicated? Or that the quality won’t be as great as expected?

You are unsure about the possible amount of work and time it will require, and how you will make that fit into your schedule?

How can I help you?

As a translator specialized in videogames, I help game devs, studios and game publishers to localize and promote their projects and make them accessible for the French gaming community.

So, if you:

🎮 are looking for a translator to localize your indie game into French;

🎮 want to promote your projects to the French players;

🎮 need the help of a localization project manager to save yourself some time;

🔥 You can hire me to do all those things!

What I can localize

✔ In-game texts (dialogs, UI and menu elements, lore, etc.)
✔ Store descriptions (Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android)
✔ Subtitles (in-game and for your videos)
✔ Press-kits
✔ FAQ and tutorials
✔ Website, newsletters, announcements, changelog, blog posts
✔ … and more!

Localization Process


Extract your text in an easy-to-use format (no hard-code)


You receive an estimate to validate. The translation begins.


Receive the translated text ready to use, in the orginal format.





What’s involved in the localization process

Localization Best Practices

For each project, I make sure to apply the best localization practices. It helps catch issues before they materialize. Want to know how to apply it at your level? I can help.

Translation Memories & Term bases

Translation memories allow me to re-use previous translations for consistency. Termbases are used to build glossaries.

Proofreading & QA

All texts are proofread and checked to make sure there are not errors and I follow QA procedures before delivery.


Multiple File Formats

I can handle various file formats. Let’s discuss to see what fits the best into your developement workflow to make the localization as seamless as possible.


You are deploying your game for PC, consoles, mobiles or even VR? No problem! I’ll make sure the right terminology is used for each platform.

Updates after launch

Your game still lives after launch, especially if you add seasonal updates. Once everything is in place, it’s super easy to get new texts localized and ready to be deployed.

Remote Localization Project Management

I work with a team of localization specialists. If you need or want to localize your game into multiple languages at once, but you don’t have time or the capacity to assemble a team of translators and answer their questions. I can do it for you.

Also, I can help you in the early stages to anticipate any localization issue, before getting the texts ready for translation. It will save you some headache.

About me

I have been a gamer for 17+ years (and counting) and I am a videogame specialized translator, from English to French.

The main projects I work on are MMORPGs, RPGs, MOBAs, but also action/adventure games, platform games, puzzle games, VR games and motorsport games (mostly F1).

Over the past 5 years, I have worked on AAA and indie projects on a daily basis and gained a ton of XP doing so.

I also have a background in translation studies that I completed with various courses in game localization and development, app localization, website localization and development, subtitling, and infographics to name a few. 


I am also:

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