7 best localization articles found on Twitter in March 2016

Looking for interesting resources on localization for your game, app or website? Here is a list of articles on localization that could help you understand it or get started:


Localization Best Practices – how to get your game, app or software ready for a smooth localization process


Game dev reveals correlation between a translation and a region’s piracy – insights on localization and its impact in different countries

Free Fan Translations Really Leave Everyone Worse Off – free fan translations do not guarantee good quality

Developers – Make your game localization friendly: A few tips (Pt3) (And a guide to bars!) – everything is in the title



App localization – tips to localize your app efficiently

The App Store Optimization Checklist: Top 10 Tips – 10 tips to improve your visibility on the App Store for a better visibility and more downloads



Design Needs Localization, Too: Tips for Global Content Marketing Design – Localization is not limited to the text, it also take the design into account

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